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Carlsbad.CA.US Geographical Domain Names

The Carlsbad.CA.US domain registers hosts of libraries, museums, city agencies, as well as businesses and home computers. The registration service is currently free. This is subject to change at any time, with 90 days notice. There is a limit of one domain name per government, business, or person. Anyone with a computer in Carlsbad, California may be registered in the Carlsbad.CA.US domain hierarchy. A whois server is maintained at whois.carlsbad.ca.us. This is also accessible via an online form

The CI.Carlsbad.CA.US domain name is reserved for City of Carlsbad government agencies. This service is separate from the InterNIC Registration Services provided by NSI for the .COM, .ORG, and .NET domains.

There are two types of registrations:


Obtain a form from http://www.nic.us/ then e-mail the filled-out form to Hostmaster @ Carlsbad.CA.US

New Lame Delegation Policy (effective 8/11/2000):

Two name servers (DNS) must be set up before a request is made to delegate a zone under Carlsbad.CA.US hierarchy. The requester must be be a resident of Carlsbad, California, have a business in Carlsbad, or represent a government agency in Carlsbad. These name servers must have proper Start of Authority (SOA) and Name Server (NS) records.

This policy is neccessary because of difficulties with improperly configured name servers in the past.


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